Performance Chef utility – Gidgee


Beauty meets performance with the Takefu Specialty steels Yushoku stainless mokume clad carbon core steel used for this utility Chef knife. Octagonal handle is a traditional Japanese element and it’s made for comfort and balance. The handle is rare ringed gidgee burl. You’ll enjoy looking at this knife as much as you will enjoy using it. Performance that won’t let you down
177mm cutting edge, 127mm handle. 42mm wide at heel. 159 grams

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This stunning utility knife is made from Yushoku mokume clad carbon core steel from Takefu Specialty Steels. The outer layers are a mix of stainless steel, copper and brass. The core is V-toku 2 carbon steel. A high performance steel that holds a lovely edge. This utility is unique in it’s appearance and a high performance blade for the aspiring chef or entertainer that won’t compromise on quality. This knife will be the talk of the town and your first choice when it comes to meal time. This knife is a big performer, this is beautiful high end Japanese steel. The blade has a lovely distal taper ending in a thin tip which means you the finer details done with ease. It has a performance geometry with effortless slicing in mind. It has a beautiful traditional octagonal handle from rare ringed gidgee burl.