Update on course availability as of 31 December 2020:

Classes are back up and running but are impacted by the state and territory government travel restrictions.

At present I have stopped booking via the website. I am taking bookings by email so that I can manage the restrictions a little easier from my end.

My email is [email protected], please send through any enquiries regarding availability and I'll happily work with you to secure a place.

At the time of writing available courses are in May 2021.

I am also running midweek 1 on 1 classes, so if you are interested in those please contact me to discuss. Details about the course below, have a read and thanks for your understanding.


Have you ever wondered how a knife is made? Just want to experience something cool and a little out of the ordinary? Want to create something that will last your lifetime and more? Well, here's the place to start.

I’ve been making knives and teaching classes for quite a few years now. I’m really good at what I do because I live and love what I do. I even have a background in training and assessment.

I guarantee you will have a good time and come out at the end of the class feeling pretty awesome for what you have achieved in a relatively small amount of time. The best thing is at the end of your time here you will have TWO completed knives, made by you, that will last your lifetime and more (with a little care of course).

I usually set my classes to a maximum of two places on each course offered but can accommodate classes of three people provided you all know each other and get along well (or I might have to disclipline you with dad jokes). You’ll have to get in touch with me to discuss and arrange these though.

Of course I want people to get the most out of the experience which is why I limit the number of places offered. If you want to share the fun with a friend or loved one I also offer a discounted price for booking the two (or three) places.

Children are welcome if there’s an adult booking as well but age restrictions apply, contact me to have a chat if this is something you are interested in. Midweek dates can be arranged during school holidays.

If you are a current serving or ex member of Australian military or a first responder contact me to discuss special rates.

There is a lot to take in and it is physical work, but I’m here to help. My job is to demonstrate and guide you through the different stages and lend a hand if and when it’s needed. You are going to do the majority of the work because after all they are your knives.

Courses are run from my workshop in South Canberra, it's a professional set up as this is what I do for a living. It’s in a quiet suburb and a safe environment. The main visitors over the weekend will be my two dogs. They enjoy the company of students.

I’ll provide everything you need over the weekend including a bbq lunch on the two days. If you have any dietary requirements we can talk about them in the lead up so I can be prepared and you don’t miss out.

The courses are not scheduled for specific styles so you have the freedom to choose what styles you make on the weekend.

For weekday or private courses please email via the contact me page to discuss.