About Kev


I started making knives after completing a weekend knife making course. It was such a cool experience.

Think about it, you take raw steel, heat it up and forge it to shape with a hammer -  and that is the first of many cool things to experience in the process. In my opinion what I made was way better than a store bought knife - because I made it.  That was the start of my journey and now it's my life and my business.

Of course I've put in years of hard work and it's reflected in the quality of my knives and I am now working towards becoming a Journeyman Smith (first step to becoming a master) through the American Bladesmith Society.

The basic philosophy of my knife making is to create something that looks good, feels great and performs beyond expectations. There's a little bit of my spirit in every knife I make.

I won the category of “Best utility knife in show” at the 2017 Sydney knife show, and more recently "Best hunting knife in show" at the 2019 Queensland Knife Show. These are categories that are hotly contested with the best makers in the country. It's nice to have the standard of my work recognised by the judging panels at these events. It’s a reflection of the time and effort I have applied in the high standard of my products.

I actually have a background in the creation and delivery of IT based Training and Assessment - boring -  as well as extensive experience in teaching knife making courses - awesome. I have been involved in demonstrating at several knife making symposiums in Australia and love passing on the skills I have acquired over the years.

My workshop is now open to the public through my knife making courses – see some of the former students work on the classes page, most of the participants started out with no experience at all before the course. These courses suit both beginner and experienced makers alike. You don’t have to have any experience to come along, simply an open mind and a lot of enthusiasm. I’ll guide you through the rest.




President of the Knife Art Association.

Member (Apprentice) of the American Bladesmith Society.

Host of Knife Making Down Under Podcast

Full member and former State representative (ACT & NSW) for the Australian Knife Makers Guild.

Supporter of the Forge Through Veterans Programme.